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Legacy FAQ’s


  • Booking, Scheduling, and Pricing

    • How Do I book with your artists? - There are several ways to book an appointment with one of our artists here at Legacy! If you don’t know which artist you want to book with, simply submit a consultation request on the main page of our website and we will match you with the best artist for your idea! If you do know who you'd like to book with, you can communicate directly through the artist or submit a consultation request! 

    • How soon can I get an appointment? - Since all of our artists keep their own schedules, some can get you in within the next week and some are booked out for months! The most important thing in scheduling is that you find the artist that is right for you and for your idea, not how soon they can get you in! 

    • Do you require deposits? - Yes we do! All of our artists require deposits to book an appointment. Deposits are meant to hold your date and to cover time and materials the artist spends on your design. Our artists set their own rates for deposits and therefore can range anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of your piece. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and are usually deducted from your first appointment! According to your artists discretion, if you cancel or need to reschedule on short notice, you may need to drop a second deposit to get back in their books.

    • How much do you charge? - Our artists range from $100-$200 per hour, artists can provide you with a quote for your piece during a consultation! We do have a set minimum of $100 to cover the artists supplies and time, for example: even if your tattoo takes 15 minutes, it will still be $100. Remember that price shopping for something as permanent as a tattoo is never a good idea! Our artists at Legacy produce quality work, and charge not only for their time, but also for their experience, training, and talent. Remember to tip your artist! 

    • Do you take walk-ins? - (*Due to COVID-19, our piercers are taking appointments only. You can find their links under piercers on the menu bar and click book now. For tattoos, please call us and ask!) Yes we do! BUT please call or message us beforehand to make sure we can get you in! We may not have an artist available for the specific style you want, and may need to schedule you out to give YOU the best result possible! Our piercers will take walk-ins as well but they also have their own set days and hours that they are in so make sure someone will be available for you before you come! 

  • Tattoo and Piercing Questions 

    • How do I take care of my Tattoo? - First and foremost - listen to the advice your tattoo artist gives you! Some artists will have specific aftercare instructions for their style of tattooing, and following their instructions will be the best thing for your tattoo. General tattoo care includes:

      • Wash your tattoo two to three times a day with warm water and antibacterial liquid soap - we recommend Dial Gold! 

      • Moisturize your tattoo with a simple unscented lotion two to three times a day - we recommend Cetaphil or Lubriderm!

      • DO NOT: soak your tattoo for two to three weeks, that includes baths, hot tubs, pools, etc. just shower regularly! Do not touch your tattoo with unclean hands and do not let others touch your tattoo. Do not use ointments such as Vaseline, Aquaphor, or triple antibiotic on your tattoo. 

      • Remember that overdoing your aftercare can be just as damaging as not doing it, washing and moisturizing your tattoo more than three times a day can lead to over exfoliating and over moisturizing that may lighten your tattoo or lead to ink fall out. 

    • When should I NOT get a tattoo or piercing? - 

      • Pre or Post Surgery (Talk to your Dr. before your artist!)

      • If you are pregnant. Talk to your Dr. and your artist if you are nursing and looking to be pierced/tattooed. 

      • While under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      • If you are sick - please cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible! Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees and clients. 

    • Can I bring my friends or kids with me? - (*Due to COVID-19, we are asking to come alone so it will be just you and the artist. For piercings, yes you can bring ONE friend or family. Minors must accompany with their legal guardian.) You are welcome to bring one friend or family member with you for your tattoo or piercing appointments! We DO NOT anyone under 18 to be present in the tattoo area, they are only allowed in the front waiting area or at the piercers stations. Please only bring your child in if they are getting pierced! DO NOT bring your child with you for your tattoo appointment. 

    • Can I bring my pet in for my appointment? - Unfortunately we cannot allow any animals inside, service animals are only allowed in the front waiting area but cannot stay for an appointment or come back to the tattoo or piercing area with you. 

    • How can I prepare for my appointment? - (*Due to COVID-19, we ask clients to wear mask in the building and to avoid bringing any other guests during the appointment, unless you are a minor.) Be sure to eat at least two hours before your appointment and stay hydrated! Come well rested and showered, for longer appointments be sure to bring extra snacks, water, and wear comfortable clothing. Most of our artists only accept cash so come prepared or take advantage of our on-site ATM. 

    • Do you tattoo/pierce minors? - Our studio policy for tattoos is 17 plus! We will not tattoo those under the age of 17, if you are 17 and looking to get tattooed please reach out to us first as not all of our artists will work on those under 18, you will also need to bring a parent or legal guardian to sign and be present during the procedure, with both an ID for you and your guardian and proof of guardianship if your guardian is not your parent. Our piercers can pierce ear lobes all the way down to 3 months old, and Utah state law restricts all other piercings to 14+ and genitalia piercings to 18+. 

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